I See Things Differently

I’ve found myself saying something like this more and more lately. I’m not saying that either definition, view, or belief is wrong or right but just that I see it differently and I say it wholeheartedly and with kindness. No animosity, no passive aggressive sarcasm. It is a simple truth to me. About two months ago that realization came to me and that it was ok for me to tell someone that. I was jogging and enjoying the outdoors. I was working on being present while I was jogging. I have a tendency to float into the past or some future that is probably never going to happen thereby halfway defeating the purpose of getting outside to jog. I was practicing noticing my feet hitting the ground, the unevenness of the path, the smell of the greenery and blooms, the dryness of my throat as I started breathing more deeply, and the sounds of the birds. The looking part was at one moment at a bird, probably a vulture, flying over head and then thinking what a different experience it was having at that moment especially since birds are suppose to see more colors than we humans do. Although many things about our experience were the same there were absolute differences. At that moment I thought, I see things differently than you do but both are valid. An, “Aha!” explosion went off in my head. Is it really that simple? I see things differently. There is nothing wrong with this statement. It does no cast blame or doubt. It does not say I am right and you are wrong. It is amazing, to me. at least. Maybe you see things differently too. 396386_3862338591061_1735698578_n


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