My Compassion, I Share

One of the most significant things I have learned this past year in my unexpected journey to find me was learning about compassion.

Now I understood and knew what compassion was but I did not really think about compassion or how it effects everyone of this planet and how compassion, most importantly, effects me.

I was reading something, like I usually do, and came across a word, like I do sometimes, and ended up making a study on the meaning without really meaning to. That word was compassion.

What I read told me that in order for me to have real compassion I needed to be compassionate to myself first (That in it self is another journal entry). I began thinking about compassion.

So, okay, I quickly relate compassion with empathy and think I need to understand where someone is coming from while being non judgmental. That definition just didn’t seem to quite fit or I couldn’t reconcile how could I apply that to myself.

I looked up definitions, read articles here and there about compassion, read a book from the Dalai Lama, Cheri Huber, Thich Nhat Hanh, and various others that I can’t remember right now. This is the definition that I constructed from everything:

compassion – being present and with loving kindness to have concern for the suffering of others

It could be simply to have concern for the suffering of others or even wanting to alleviate the suffering of others but in order for me to express compassion in a non consuming, agitating, sad, or even I-am-better-than-them way, I have to be present, not worrying about the past that can’t be changed or the future that will probably not play out the way my imaginative persona is taking it, and I have to have compassion for all people and I need to approach those who would be my enemy with loving kindness because to be honest, I can be my own enemy sometimes. Whew! What a sentence.

Take it or leave it or come up with your own definition. Who knows, maybe it will take you on your own journey of self discovery but if you like it and it works for you, it is yours to keep.



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