Broken AC and a Muddy Day

So while I sit here waiting for the AC guys to come fix my air I can’t seem to find the motivation to do much of anything. It’s too hot!

I am tired of reading and tired of just sitting. It’s too hot to clean or do yoga. So, decide to I grab my Chromebook. I really have no idea what I really want to do but decide to look through my Flickr photos. Looking through a folder I come across this:


I adore this photo!

This is my youngest son when he was only 1yr 4mo old. It was a cool late morning in early spring.  We were next door at my mom’s helping her work on her garden. My son, and two of his cousins were “helping” in the garden. They had procured a running water hose, a few spades and his oldest cousin who was 4 at the time had a few old pie pans and was making mud pies with flowers. My son and his cousin that is only 6 months older started off with their rain boots on but after getting stuck in the sludge they discarded them pretty quickly. They worked pretty steadily that morning squishing, splashing, and transported one mud collection to another mud collection and back again. There was no hesitation on my son’s part about the gushy squishy dark ooze. Oh the fun. Suddenly my son just got up and toddled over to his bench seat and plopped himself down. He said, “Mama! Milk.” and that was it for him. While he sat there waiting for me to attend to him I snapped this photo.

I am so glad I love to take my camera with me everywhere. This was a shot to remember and it always brings a smile to my face. While I had snapped a few other pics during their play session I don’t think any of them epitomizes the true feeling and nature of what was happening at a given moment like this one.

So I guess I’m through with this for now, while I still wait for climatized air to return. I think I’ll get a popsicle and ice pack for my back to help cool me off. Wonder if that picture would epitomize my moment…HA!


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