Simply Integrity

Integrity…another word I have been sort of stuck on for the past few days. I have read various excerpts that mention integrity and a few different definitions and this is what I have surmised. Integrity, to me, is the core or foundation of your beliefs that make me whole. 

After I really started thinking about integrity I began to think about what exactly are my core or foundation beliefs that make me whole? If someone were to ask me right now, what would I say and could I be succinct? I had to sit down and put these concepts into words that I believe and could relate to others. I would say it felt like it was something I really needed to do.

First and most important to me is that I am a member of the human race just like my neighbor, the guy sitting on the curb, the woman serving food to her peers, or any other being on this planet. I work to remember and to treat all people I meet as if we are the same. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don’t but at this point in my life it is a belief that lives inside me and it is what my soul says to me when I meet another human being.

Secondly, as member of this human race I believe we all come from the same energy and return to that energy. We take a first breath and a last breath. Two of the most important moments in every humans life and it is something we all share. It does not matter where or when our lives begin or end, or what happens in between, life always begins and ends the same and to some extent continues.

Third, we are all on this planet together in this vast and endless universe. As important to me are the previous two beliefs, and I think I could stop with just those two, I feel it is equally important to add this third. We are all on this planet together and this means that through out the endless time the breaths we breathe have been shared by countless others. We breathe in and breathe out. As a rule of physics molecules will spread to fill up a space. My breath is shared with humankind and theirs is with me. It is a continual process and who knows where and when my breath will go and where it has been. That is an amazing thought to me.

As I sit here about to publish I have stopped, closed my eyes, and focused on my breath deliberately. I can’t help but feel that I may have shared a breath with you even between our distance. One more thing that you and I possibly share now.




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