I Am NOT Busy

One of the words I have been working diligently on removing from by vocabulary lately is “busy”. While I concede that this is a phenomena of my own creation it is another word that has struck me in a certain way to be negative. Regardless, it is something I want to change for me. If you say it to me I will believe you have no negative intentions. If I say it to you, please call me out.

To say, “I am so busy I don’t have the time to do this or that” or “I was too busy to reach out to you” or “I was busy all day” sounds to me like 1) I need a vacation (want and need are two different things) and 2) I am so self absorbed with me and my business that you can’t compete with my busy-ness. It also feels like a non specific excuse.

So, this is one of my perceptions and quite frankly I don’t want to be that person. There is no compassion or kindness in these sort of statements to me. So, what can I say instead?  Depending on the circumstance I might try to use some of these alternates to busy.

  • active… Our schedule has been active this week.
  • lively… Well, I had a lively afternoon
  • over scheduled… I think my week may have been over scheduled.

Or just omit busy where I normally would place it.

  • I am busy preparing for a function this week.
  • I will be busy cleaning the house.
  • I am busy studying for an exam.

A few more substitutions I feel like are more positive and not quite so self absorbed: industrious, thriving, immersed, living, energetic, happening, rousing, abundant, engaging, effective, productive.

While I have said that I own this perception, you are more than welcomed to make this change also. Any other suggestions on how to restate or replace busy are accepted gladly. Also, please bear with my as I am, er,,,um,,, busy effectively working on this change.

May you be happy today!


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