Empathy Dust

Sometimes it is difficult for me to separate another’s problems with what I take personally. I think this is an experience we all can relate to. I found myself in one of those situations recently and thankfully it didn’t take me but few minutes to realize what I was doing. Unfortunately, it was already enough time for a negative seed to be planted. I’m talking about a little self doubt as to my true phenomenal nature.

The first thing I did as soon as I realized I was taken on their suffering (a kinder way of saying issue, problem, or insecurity) and trying to make it my own was to start focusing on my breath. I know I have mentioned breathing before and it may seem like a simplistic solution but when I can focus on my breath, I find there is nothing like it for calming my mind and heart.

After I was back to the present and with myself I just repeated in my head that I am calm, I am kind, and I am compassionate a few times. Internalizing those three things allow me to focus. I can see that what someone else does is really an expression of what is going on with them.

I make the choice to keep my power and use it for a positive experience. I find that I then have the energy to be compassionate and see that the other person is suffering. They are unable to control what negative powers someone or something else has on them. Even though by all appearances they are striking out on what offends them they are actually acting on a rage inside, one that I have no control over. Once I can conceptualize this it is so much easier to not only be at peace with myself but also with the other person. I have true empathy for their suffering and wish for them to find peace also.

If only I could find a way to turn that feeling into dust I would sprinkle all over the world. What peace it brings me.

May you be happy today…Renée


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