Work in Progress

Yup! That’s me. I am a work in progress. The progress I am currently working on has to do with my health. Although I am 45 and I would say in relatively good health I have been thinking about the fact that in this day and age, I am only halfway through my life. I have even had genetic testing which showed I have the markers for living to 100 years old! While that was somewhat exciting to me it was also a little disheartening. Yes, even I have disheartening days. 

I was thinking about my on going back issues. I have in recent years had the experience of my back going out. While up to the point when my back first went out and found that I could not stand up and walk or be upright I thought the portrayal of a back going out on shows was just for comedic entertainment. Oh no! I assure you it isn’t. The first time was when my youngest son was only about 7 months old. I felt like a primate at the zoo falling off my bed, crawling to him, and trying to swaddle him in one arm while I crawled on the floor on the other three appendages. I could only go so far without having to stop and take a break. It was humorous then (to a point) and even more so to think about it now.

Since then my back has ¨gone out¨ every year, sometimes multiple times, for a grand total of 8 times and there is usually some degree of discomfort to pain in my back daily. I had an MRI which showed I have a bulging disc and apparently a congenital anomaly in the disc region right below where my discs are offset from each other to create a false bulge. These two issues have caused me too much down time and I think I have finally had enough. I have scheduled my appointment with a neurologist to see what can be done. I don’t see him until October so it will be a short wait. I am hopeful.

I love my life. I love my mobility. I love to walk, run, yoga, exercise, lift weights. I love to feel healthy. There is just no other feeling quite as invigorating to me as being able to move and feel the movement of the muscles under my skin. I am thankful for every moment I am able to move and I want to keep moving until the day this adventure named life is over.

I think many of us take our mobility for granted. We never assume that one day that option may be taken from us. Mobility is a wondrous thing to be grateful for and should never be taken for granted.

 While I wait for a doctor’s opinion and solution I am really working it on my end to better my chances of saving this precious gift. Being grateful for my mobility has given me a new perspective on what I can do now to stay more active. I am eating better and concentrating on building more muscles. I feel as though if I can improve my energy, stay active, and make the other parts of my body stronger it will help whatever options I have for my back issues.

In two weeks since I decided to honor my gift of mobility in the best way I know how I have actually lost 3 lbs and have notices some definition in areas that I’m not sure I’ve seen definition before. I entered this endeavor with a thankful heart and pure willingness and it has been a joyful experience. I discovered how to pushed through a mental barrier, without even realizing what I was doing, and the light bulb came on. Life amazes me and I am so thankful I am a work in progress.


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