My Three Wishes

I watched Disney’s Aladdin with my son the other night. It was his first time to watch it. He was embarrassed as a seven year old would be at the mushy scenes but really enjoyed it otherwise. I really love watching shows with any of my boys because they almost always turn into a philosophical discussion. Being Aladdin I am sure you can guess what propelled our discussion…¨Ẅhat three wishes would you wish for?¨ and ¨Would you free the genie?¨

Can you guess what his first wish was? A hundred more wishes, if that was possible. Then he started thinking about it more. Not really understanding  inflation or supply and demand, he wised he could have enough money to do whatever he wanted and to help people who don’t have anything. He also thought he would wish to know everything he would ever need to know, which propelled us into further philosophical discussions. The after movie time was as much fun as watching the movie together. I do live for these times.

While on the surface answering what three wishes you would like seems like a no-brainer, I found myself really contemplating what exactly would I wish for if I could make it real while I was doing the dishes later. It really is a deep thought experiment.

Considering all the violence that has been highlighted in the news recently all I could think was if the world’s population could just tap into their compassion and be present wouldn’t this solve most of the issues? So I think I would wish that everyone to experience true compassion in giving and receiving form everyday for a week. Why only a week? I thought that if I said always I would be taking humanity’s free will. Something I would never want to do. During this week of compassion I would also wish that everyone would go to sleep being completely present. No worries about the future, no dwelling on the past. Just each and every human realizing they are breathing and alive. I can’t think of a better way of falling asleep. So last? Hhhmmm…That is difficult.

I think humankind waking to a positive thought for the rest of their life would be the best third wish. I can think of many more but I’m not sure if feeding the world or anything the like would make much difference. So yeah, I know I completely over thought my three wishes inspired by Aladdin but I could live with those choices.

Wishing for things for only me wouldn’t really make me happy. I’m actually quite happy with my life today. Sure I would like a Tesla or really cool pool at the edge of the seashore (the best of both waterworlds to me) but they aren’t going to make me happy or make the planet a better place. Making this planet, our little dot in the infinite and timeless universe, a peaceful and kind place would be the best wishes ever.


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