No More Loyalty or Faithfulness for Me

As it happens…

I was wondering about loyalty and how or if it can fit into a Zen frame of mind. I have found myself in the past disappointed by what would seem people’s lack of loyalty. While now I have come to accept that anything I expect should not be expected since it is the best way to set people up to let you down and it is not my place to impose standards upon any human being, I was still wondering about loyalty. Some of my conclusions.

Loyalty is a devotion to a person or idea. It is something one cultivates based on past experiences therefore it is fluid. This seems a bit ironic considering the nature of loyalty seems to be devotion, fidelity, or worship, words that seem to be resolute, but like I said, it is based on the past. The past is what is was and can not be changed. Because someone is no longer loyal does not mean they lack the ability for loyalty or they have no loyalty. Loyalty is ephemeral and therefore should not be counted among one of the qualities to admire or desire in a person to me. However, possibly faithfulness would be something to desire?

Faithfulness is a devotion to a person or idea based on the expectations of a future. It is not something that is quite tangible and you really only feel it at a particular moment in hopes. Once the moment passes I guess you could call it loyalty. The thing about faithfulness is the thing about the future. No one is guaranteed anything in the future actually. There are hopes and expectations which we look to be fulfilled but when they don’t that is when faithfulness looses it’s glow. Over time it can be diminished are worn down to a point where it actually only a word spoken from rote memory if acknowledged at all. So I’m not even sure that faithfulness is a characteristic to admire in a person either.

As I continue my observation and study of humanity I find only these things to be true. I am working to be the most compassionate person I can. I wish for nothing more than to see humanity’s suffering to end. I am practicing to perfect being kind to myself and to the others I meet in this adventure between my birth and my death. I find peace in much simpler things and ultimately my breath…right…now… I will drift from my path but I will not wander for long and when I return I will resume. I can not fail because I am compassionate today.

May you be happy today…Renée


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